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The bottled water market has seen consistently strong growth over the last 5 years, with sales increasing by 5% to £2.15 billion in 2018, having been boosted by the combination of a hot summer and people replacing some of their consumption of sugary drinks with bottled water.

While the market has benefitted from being seen as a healthier alternative to other drinks, it is at risk of seeing slower growth, or even decline, due to people carrying reusable water bottles and opting for tap water instead, due to concerns about plastic packaging waste and more cautious spending.

All the main segments of the bottled water market have seen growing sales, but the strongest growth in 2018 was seen in flavoured waters, reflecting flavoured products accounting for a growing share of new product launch activity and advertising spending.

Bottled water will continue to tick a number of boxes in terms of what consumers are looking for in terms of healthier drinks that keep them well hydrated, but water purity is likely to become a bigger future focus given consumer concerns about micro plastics in water.

Products covered in this Report

This Report covers sales of bottled water. This includes:

  • Unflavoured water.

  • Flavoured waters and fortified waters which see mineral water enhanced with natural flavours, herbs, vitamins and/or sweeteners.

  • Still water as well as carbonated water, also known as sparkling water, which is made by dissolving carbon dioxide into the water through a process of carbonation.

Market size data includes sales through the following outlets:

  • Retail: This includes sales through retail outlets where bottled water is purchased for the purpose of in-home consumption or for drinking on the go, comprising supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol forecourts, among others.

  • On-premise: This includes anywhere where bottled water is bought to consume on-site, eg pubs, bars and clubs, leisure centres, hotels, restaurants, cafés, education establishments and workplaces.

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